Risky Biz Soap Box: 12 years since Operation Aurora. Have we learned anything?

Okta's Marc Rogers talks about some uncomfortable truths...
23 Mar 2021 » Risky Business

This is a wholly sponsored podcast brought to you by Okta.

In this interview we chat with Marc Rogers, the executive director of Cybersecurity at Okta.

The question that we’re exploring in this interview is whether or not we’ve managed to move the infosec needle since the Chinese government hacked Google back during the Operation Aurora attacks of 2009.

There are some real echoes of Operation Aurora in today’s headlines, like the SVR’s Solarwinds hack and Chinese APT crews using Exchange 0day.

Google did learn from Aurora and rearchitected its whole approach to minimise the chances of that sort of things happening again. They moved to their implementation of Zero Trust, Beyondcorp, and so far that looks like a good decision.

The rest of the world has been slow to follow, and that leads us to the question: have we actually made things better since Operation Aurora hit the headlines back in 2009?