RB2: AusCERT podcast: LOLtastic speed debating

AusCERT speed debate becomes hilarious, pseudo performance art farce...
27 May 2009 » Risky Business Extra, AusCERT

This speed debating panel from AusCERT's 2009 conference was loltastic. It takes about 15 minutes to really get going, but stick with it.

Risky Business regulars Peter Gutmann and Paul Ducklin participated in this panel, as did host Patrick Gray.

The debate was hosted by James O'Laughlin, who's probably best known in Australia as the host of the New inventors television program. He's a terrific moderator.

Anyway, I've chopped the whole thing down to about 50 minutes. Keep in mind this panel was held as the storms in Queensland peaked. The conference hall actually lost power when the panel was about to start.

Anyway, here it is, the Speed Debating panel from AusCERT's 2009 conference. Enjoy!