Serious Business #5 -- Kanye 2020, vaccination-free childcare and the EU refugee crisis

And other cheery news...
07 Sep 2015 » Risky Business Extra, Serious Business

Hey everyone and welcome to Serious Business number 5! This is the podcast I do about non infosec related topics. It's less of a professional information security digest and more of an excuse for me to blab with my cohost, comedian Dan Ilic, about serious stuff every few weeks.

WARNING: Contains a fair bit of discussion about Australian politics. You may be permanently scarred after listening.

On this edition of the show we're talking to Dan about a bunch of stuff. Kanye West has apparently announced he's running for president in 2020, we talk about that. We talk about Donald Trump because, wow... just wow...

Then we move on to the depressing stuff, the European refugee crisis. Are the handful of flashpoint images and stories actually going to get people motivated about fixing the wider problem? Or will they result in a few Kickstarters to directly help the affected individuals, absolving donors of their first world guilt? We have a bob each way on that one.

We talk about the vaccination free childcare centre springing up in my 'hood -- geez, what could go wrong there -- and finally we look at the way streaming services are reshaping the media landscape, in particular the types of shows that are being commissioned. Could NetFlix spell the end of high-quality tv news and current affairs?