Risky Business #109 -- Open source intelligence with Maltego creator Roelof Temmingh

How to pwn three letter agencies with Maltego...
29 May 2009 » Risky Business

This week's episode is hosted by Vigabyte and brought to you by Check Point software.

This week you'll be hearing an interview with Roelof Temmingh, the creator of Maltego. Maltego is seriously cool software that you'll probably want to have a play with.

Roelof joins the podcast to talk about how you'd use his softeware to pwn a three letter agency.

In this week's sponsor interview Check Point Software's Steve McDonald joins us to discuss how vendors might create very specific kit for very specific problems. Think of SCADA firewalls and boxes designed to prevent voip toll fraud, stuff like that.

Are mega specific solutions a band aid approach and a terrible idea, or are they better than nothing?

As for this week's news, we all know him, we all love him and his beautiful, lusturous, soft, soft UNIX beard. Adam 'Metlstorm' Boileau joins the program, as usual, to chew the fat and discuss the last week's big headlines.