Risky Business #223 -- Summer edition: Drones pwned?

Russians owned our pumps. Persians pwned our drones.
20 Dec 2011 » Risky Business

This is a special summer edition of the Risky Business podcast. There's no feature interview or sponsor interview -- just Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray discussing the most interesting security news items of the last three weeks, including:

  • Did Persians pwn Drones?
  • Bradley Manning faces court
  • HP to face printer vulnerability lawsuit
  • Could the USA's SOPA law break DNSSEC?
  • GlobalSign says its CA systems were never compromised
  • New guidelines for issuance of SSL certs
  • Microsoft to silently update IE in 2012
  • Fun fact: Ukranian general arrested for online fraud
  • Putin's Twitterbots drown anti-regime hashtags
  • Mexican government dismantles Los Zetas' massive comms network
  • CNet's Download.com bundles crapware with nmap