Risky Business #222 -- Never pay for roaming data again

How to turn your Kindle into a free, global SSH and IRC modem...
02 Dec 2011 » Risky Business

I thought we'd just have a bit of a fun feature for the last show of the year. It's an interview with Edith Cowan University's Peter Hannay about a presentation he did at Ruxcon back in 2010, all about turning Amazon's Kindle into a completely free internet access device that works all over the world.

That's right, no subscriber fees and 3G access in a zillion countries.

He'll tell you how you can hack your kindle to use it as a completely free USB Internet access device pretty much anywhere in the world. No more data roaming for you! W00t w00t! SSH everywhere!

Astaro's Angelo Comazzetto takes a look back on Sony's 2011 woes in this week's sponsor interview and Adam Boileau joins us, as always, to discuss the week's news.

Peter Hannay's Kindle code can be found here.