Risky Business #145 -- Gonzalez sentenced, spooks MITM SSL and more!

Special guest, AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, joins the show!
26 Mar 2010 » Risky Business

This week we chat with Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan of Australia's Federal Police about trends in fraud.

We'll also have a bit of a chat about all things Gumblar with Vitaly Kamlyuk of Kaspersky Lab in Japan in this week's sponsor interview. Vitaly's been having a bunch of fun with the creators of Gumblar. In fact, it seems the guys behind the system have gotten so sick of Vitaly and his buddies profiling the Gumblar systems from their Japanese offices that they've blackholed the entire country of Japan to slow him down.

It's a bumper news session this week -- Albert Gonzalez has been sentenced for his TJX hack, spooks have been busted man-in-the-middling SSL connections, someone's released DNS tunnelling shellcode for Metasploit (yummy), etc and so on, so forth etc.

Link to DNS tunnelling shellcode stuff here.

Link to the IE8 exploit paper mentioned by Adam is here.