Risky Business #144 -- Brian Snow on PKI's failure to deliver

PKI couldn't deliver a pizza despite billions in investment...
19 Mar 2010 » Risky Business

This week we've got Brian Snow on the show again. Brian had a 34 year career with the NSA in the States -- when he retired just a few years ago he was the technical director of Information Assurance there.

He's joining the show this week to talk about PKI, and specifically, why PKI hasn't taken off like we all thought it would. Brian actually has a pretty decent explanation for why things like federated identity never took off in the early to mid naughties like we all thought it would.

That's after the news.

Also this week we chat with Matt Moynahan, Veracode's chief executive. We're talking to Matt about the testing of applications sold via things like Apple's app store and Google's equivalent. That's our sponsor interview.

Adam Boileau, as usual, is this week's news guest.