Unu's blog disappears

What's happened to everyone's favourite Web app blog?

"Unu's blog", a website chronicling one hacker's brazen compromises of high-profile web applications, has been yanked offline.

Visitors to the blog are now shown text suggesting Unu has shut up shop voluntarily. "This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available," is the only explanation offered.

Unu's blog mostly consisted of a series of screen captures showing allegedly compromised Web applications. The blog's victims included bank and other high profile Web sites, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC France, the Italian Postal Service, Facebook and more.

Prior to hosting at BayWords, Unu's blog was hosted by Wordpress.com, until it was apparently pulled down after the blogger posted details of a vulnerability in a Yahoo site.

Most recently Unu made waves by claiming to have hacked BarackObama.com, a claim disputed by the Democratic National Committee's national press secretary Hari Sevugan.

While the actions of the blog author, if proved authentic would clearly be illegal, the Web site attracted a significant following -- and a modicum of privately expressed respect -- among many IT security professionals.

While Unu's motives were never expressly outlined, many assume the blog served to name and shame large organisations that failed to secure their web applications.

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