Risky Business #131 -- Interview with iPhone worm author Ikee

Naughty kid or satanic cyberterrorist? You decide!
11 Nov 2009 » Risky Business

This week's feature guest is the creator of the iPhone worm, Ashley Towns, aka Ikee. This guy is either a cheeky kid or a cyber terrorist, depending on who you ask, and yup -- we've got him on the show.

We also check in with Paul Ducklin of Sophos in this week's sponsor interview. You've never heard two interviews that clash more, it's hilarious.

In one corner is the heavily pierced kid from Wollongong with the funny haircut, in the other is the middle aged AV guy who's a real stickler for the rules.

It's the naughty kid versus the school principal, both interviewed about the same series of events.

We're also joined by Adam Boileau for a discussion of the week's news.