Risky Biz Soap Box: HD Moore talks Rumble and DCE/RPC party tricks

Asset discovery that works so well it's kinda crazy...
17 Aug 2021 » Risky Business

I am stoked to be publishing this interview. This Soap Box is brought to you by Rumble, the asset discovery company founded by HD Moore. For those of you who don’t know, HD is a security legend, having done all sorts of amazing research over the years and creating Metasploit all the way back in 2003.

This guy, as you’ll hear, vibrates at a slightly higher frequency than the rest of us. He’s one of those people who’s not only insanely talented, but he’s also insanely hardworking, which is why we get to have nice things like Metsaploit and, now, Rumble.

So: What is Rumble? It’s is an active asset discovery tool. You set it loose on your network and it shows you what’s there… but this isn’t your grandma’s portscanner. This thing can see through walls and around corners, and what it finds will genuinely blow you away. A couple of weeks ago a guy by the name of Tom Lawrence did an awesome 15 minute demo of Rumble for his YouTube channel.

I would highly recommend you watch it, even before you listen to this podcast. He does a fantastic job of demoing the product and showing that it’s able to make sense of what it sees to a very surprising degree. Tom demos it on a small network, but yeah, it scales – HD says Rumble counts a Fortune 5 among its customers.

Anyway, what HD has done with Rumble is create a tool – a lightweight scanner you can run from basically anywhere in a network – that will show you networks you didn’t know existed, it’ll identify devices with ridiculous granularity… it can even tell you if a windows box has EDR on it or a wireless card installed, all with an unauthenticated network scan.