Risky Business #634 -- Major hacks to shake up Belarusian KGB

PLUS: Wuhan lab data falls off truck, Apple drops its Corellium lawsuit...
11 Aug 2021 » Risky Business

On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss recent security news, including:

  • The United States backing away from “releasing the hounds”
  • Apple has dropped its lawsuit against Corellium
  • “Activists” dox Belarusian security apparatus
  • Another sign hiding IR reports behind legal privilege is looking shaky
  • Apple implements new child protection tech
  • Much, much more

After this week’s news we’ll hear from Matt Cauthorn from ExtraHop Networks in this week’s sponsor interview. We’ll be talking about ransomware hack and leak and about how ransomware crews are losing credibility. You used to be able to actually trust them to just unlock you or keep your data private, but that’s not so much the case anymore.

Links to everything that we discussed are below and you can follow Patrick or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

Show notes

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Wuhan lab: In Covid origins hunt, US intel agencies scour reams of genetic data from China - CNNPolitics
Chinese cyber spies targeted Israel posing as Iranian hackers - The Record by Recorded Future
Tadeusz Giczan on Twitter: "A short thread about what is perhaps the most successful cyber attack in the history of any nation state conducted by a group called “Belarusian Cyber-partisans”. Last month they hacked the servers of Belarusian police and the Interior Ministry. 1/6 https://t.co/3QPaEYHten" / Twitter
Belarusian Cyber-Partisans (@cpartisans) / Twitter
Seeking Change, Anti-Lukashenka Hackers Seize Senior Belarusian Officials’ Personal Data
Courts order handover of breach forensic reports in trend welcomed by consumers, feared by defendants
Surprise Capital One court decision spells trouble for incident response - Risky Business
Scammers Will Ban Anyone From Instagram For $60
Instagram Shuts Down Fake Likes Factory
Apple will reject demands to use CSAM system for surveillance
Edward Snowden on Twitter: "@alexstamos @matthew_d_green Step 1.6 is NCMEC shrugging, deflecting by saying "hash collision?" And then the FBI makes an arrest since, by asking WTF, your company just confirmed a hit on the hash (since otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see the image was BS)." / Twitter
Apple drops copyright lawsuit against Corellium - 9to5Mac
Routers and modems running Arcadyan firmware are under attack - The Record by Recorded Future
Microsoft announces new 'Super Duper Secure Mode' for Edge - The Record by Recorded Future
Apple fixes AWDL bug that could be used to escape air-gapped networks - The Record by Recorded Future
Microsoft to require admin rights before using Windows Point and Print feature - The Record by Recorded Future
Critical Cobalt Strike bug leaves botnet servers vulnerable to takedown | Ars Technica
Amazon Kindle Hack Needs Just One Evil Ebook To Take Over Your Ereader—And Maybe Your Amazon Account Too
‘A whole new attack surface’ – Researcher Orange Tsai documents ProxyLogon exploits against Microsoft Exchange Server | The Daily Swig
Black Hat USA: Downgrade attack against Let’s Encrypt lowers the bar for printing fraudulent SSL certificates | The Daily Swig
Messaging Apps Have an Eavesdropping Problem | WIRED
Black Hat USA: HTTP/2 flaws expose organizations to fresh wave of request smuggling attacks | The Daily Swig
Black Hat USA 2021: Lessons to learn from the aviation sector after Biden mandates cyber-attack investigatory body | The Daily Swig
Amazon and Google patch major bug in their DNS-as-a-Service platforms - The Record by Recorded Future
Newsmax, OANN sued by maker of voting machines
Robᵉʳᵗ Graham @ Sioux Falls cyber symposium on Twitter: "1/n If you are wondering if there will be anybody at Mike Lindell's cybersymposium who can confirm or refute his "packet captures", well, there's going to be me. I'm a well-known expert on packet captures, and somewhat knowledgeable about election systems. https://t.co/PGioDBZ47B" / Twitter