Risky Biz Soap Box: Canary's Royal origin story

Haroon Meer, this is your life...
03 Sep 2020 » Risky Business

This is a sponsored podcast.

Today we’re chatting with a very special guest, Haroon Meer.

Haroon is the founder of Thinkst Canary. Some call it a deception company, but he doesn’t, as you’ll hear. He says Canary is a detection company and the distinction is important.

In this interview we talk about where Canary came from and recap the last 20 years of Haroon’s security career. We go all the way back to his Sensepost days in 2001, right through to him working for actual royalty in Doha, with a brief detour through him creating an anonymous whistleblower platform for a major broadcaster. You may have heard of Haroon and not known why.

This podcast explains why.