Risky Biz Soap Box: Trend Micro's Jon Clay talks ransomware and being a portfolio company

EDR will be a "feature," Jon says...
16 Mar 2020 » Risky Business

If you don’t know already, all guests who appear on the Risky Business Soap Box podcast paid to be here. These podcasts are promotional, but as regular listeners know, they’re not just mindless recitations of marketing talking points.

This edition of Soap Box is brought to you by Trend Micro, which is a company that’s in a really interesting position at the moment.

With Symantec acquired by Broadcom, which only really cares about the biggest 500 companies in the world, Sophos absorbed, Borg-style, by Thoma Bravo and McAfee sitting in the corner eating its paste, there’s an opportunity for a new “portfolio” security software firm to emerge, and Trend wants to be it.

Jon Clay is Trend’s director of global threat communications and he joined me for this conversation about ransomware, how EDR is becoming “just another feature,” and what the role for a “portfolio” company in infosec is going to be in the future.