Risky Biz Soap Box: Trend Micro VP of Cloud Research Mark Nunnikhoven

It's a new world out there in Internet land...
26 Nov 2019 » Risky Business

This is a Soap Box edition of the show. Soap Box isn’t our regular weekly news program. If you’re looking for that one, scroll one show back in your podcast feed.

Soap Box is a wholly sponsored series of podcasts we do here at Risky Business where vendors give us money to appear. And while these are sponsored episodes they’ve actually become almost as popular as the weekly show. They started off about half as popular, and then I guess people gradually realised they don’t actually suck, so here we are.

Trend’s head of cloud research, Mark Nunnikhoven, is our guest in this edition and we have a pretty wide ranging conversation. A big part of this conversation is us talking about the differences between locking down a corporate network vs locking down a modern application production stack… and there’s a very funny part of this interview where Mark points out that AV scanning for Docker images actually makes sense. Seriously.