Risky Biz Soap Box: Capsule8 chief scientist Brandon Edwards

Contemporary production environment complexity is killing us...
07 Nov 2019 » Risky Business

The Soap Box podcast is a wholly sponsored podcast series we do here at Risky.biz, which means everyone you hear on it paid to appear.

This edition of the Soap Box is brought to you by Capsule8.

It’s taken a long time, but over the last couple of years we’ve seen a meaningful Linux security software market emerge. It makes sense, I guess, considering the modern production environment is all glued together from various Linux systems. So, we’re seeing some interesting approaches to the Linux security challenge pop up.

Capsule8 makes detection and visibility software for Linux. You can use it to spot various types of funny behaviour on your Linux systems. Brandon Edwards is Capsule8’s chief scientist and he is our guest today.

We speak about a few things, but primarily this conversation centres on the fact that modern production environments have become so complex it’s almost impossible to comprehend how they work. We’ve lost insight, and we’ve even lost the ability to understand how individual security flaws can impact our wider production environments.

So we’re going to talk about complexity in modern production environments, and then we’ll talk a bit about Capsule8’s approach to the Linux security challenge. Enjoy!