Snake Oilers 10 part 2: Do too many users have VPN access to your prod environment? There's another way!

A great chat with StrongDM, plus pitches from Rapid7 and f5 Networks...
09 Oct 2019 » Risky Business

In this edition of Snake Oilers Patrick speaks to:

  • Justin McCarthy of StrongDM

StrongDM makes a protocol proxy that you can use to provision production services (like Kubernetes and SQL access) to users without them requiring full VPN access to prod. This is very cool stuff, if you manage a large prod environment that’s suffering from VPN sprawl you’ll want to check this one out.

  • Nicholas Davis of Rapid7

Nicholas is the senior technical product manager for InsightIDR. InsightIDR is a SIEM/EDR play that integrates a bunch of stuff. These days Rapid7 is really emphasising the holistic nature of InsightIDR, rather than the endpoint part, and Nicholas joins the show to talk about that.

  • Preston Hogue of F5 Networks

F5 Networks recently acquired NGINX as a part of a push to become cloud-relevant. Their strategy is to allow for F5 security smarts to be inserted basically anywhere and anyhow you want. Preston joins the show to talk about that!

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