Snake Oilers 10 part 1: Richard Bejtlich talks Zeek plus pitches from Respond Software and PATH Networks

We let this one run long because it's full of goodness!
26 Sep 2019 » Risky Business

In this edition of the Snake Oilers podcast host Patrick Gray speaks to:

  • Richard Bejtlich of Corelight

Richard talks about Zeek, formerly Bro, and how enterprises can use it to capture useful network information for analysis, forensics and detection purposes. Richard is an industry luminary and it’s a great interview.

  • Marshal Webb of PATH Networks

Marshal explains how new technology like eBPF and XDP mean it’s possible to build DDoS mitigation rigs out of commodity hardware. That means DDoS mitigation is about to get a whole lot cheaper, and PATH is in pole position in this soon-to-be disrupted market.

  • Chris Triolo from Respond Software

Respond Software makes a decision agent for the modern SOC. They are aiming to completely replace level 1 SOC analysts so those resources can be freed up to do higher-value work. They’re offering free live and retroactive trials of their software, and it definitely belongs in the “why not take it out for a spin” category.

Some links to the company websites and blogs are below!