Risky Business #43 -- Bugs in the brain

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17 Dec 2007 » Risky Business

In this recorded presentation, crypto expert and University of Auckland academic Peter Gutmann outlines the bugs in the human mind that make the average person susceptible to scams and cons.

In this podcast you\xe2\u20ac\u2122ll hear Gutmann\xe2\u20ac\u2122s fascinating keynote presentation at the Kiwicon security conference, held in November at Victoria University in Wellington.

Gutmann is well known in crypto circles \xe2\u20ac" he co-wrote PGP 2.0 in the early 90s \xe2\u20ac" and in this talk he argues the human brain was not built with data security in mind.

This podcast is part one of his talk. You can download part two here, or you can wait until I push out part two as a separate podcast in a couple of days.