Risky Business #42 -- Mac malware, MS advisory changes

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10 Dec 2007 » Risky Business

This is the last full-format Risky Business podcast for 2007. Next week we'll be bringing you some Kiwicon talks and lectures. It's a summer listening vibe, people. (Offered with sympathy to listeners freezing their extremities off in the Northern Hemisphere. We're all about to slip off down to the beach with surfboards and cold beer for a couple of months here in Oz. Suffer!)

  • ZDNet Australia editor Munir Kotadia discusses the week's news headlines
  • F-Secure's Patrik Runald discusses Mac Malware
  • Microsoft's General Manager of Product Security talks about the company's security advisories -- they're about to change
  • Verizon Business Security Solutions media and analyst relationship manager and Risky Business hero Wendy Hill joins us for the final sponsor interview of 2007

UPDATE: Beau Butler's WPAD slides from his Kiwicon presentation, as mentioned last week, can be found here (PPT).