SPONSOR INTERVIEW: What's new in big data security analytics?

Arbor Networks' Scott Crane has a chat...
19 May 2014 » Risky Business Extra, AusCERT

Scott Crane is Arbor Networks product manager for its Pravail line of big data security analytics division.

Scott was a part of the original PacketLoop team -- PacketLoop was an Australian start up that created some pretty impressive big data security analytics technology. It was so impressive that it wound up being acquired by Arbor Networks and is now sold under the Pravail brand.

Somehow the original team managed to convince Arbor to keep the bulk of the R&D on those products based right here in Australia. So you could say we're all pretty big fans of Scott and his team for scoring some runs for the home team. They've got 12 staff in Sydney, and they're growing.

It's been eight months since the deal was struck, so I caught up with Scott to talk about what's new in the field of big data security analytics. And interestingly enough, the Pravail tech wound up being pretty useful lately. Because it performs packet-capture based analysis, the Pravail team could help their clients roll back through their stored packet captures to see if anyone had used the Heartbleed flaw against them. Somewhat reassuringly, the Pravail guys at Arbor did not find any evidence of Heartbleed actually being used in the wild.