INTERVIEW: Information leaks into North Korea

Is state control faltering?
15 May 2014 » Risky Business Extra, AusCERT

Our coverage continues now with an interview I recorded with Olivia Maree and Dave Jorm. Olivia holds a law degree and just finished a six month stint as a community manager with BugCrowd\u2026 Dave Jorm studies geology and mathematics at UQ and has worked in the software industry for around 14 years.

Some of you would remember the interview I did with Dave last year about his OSINT analysis of North Korea, I also recorded and published his AusCERT talk on that topic last year. Well, this year he returned to AusCERT with his pal Olivia Maree to do another North Korea-themed presentation. This time the pair presented a talk about the information cordon - how information gets in and out of the country. Between USB thumb drives attached to home-made air balloons to tiny radios smuggled in to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, you'll hear that state control of information entering the country isn't what it used to be, and, you know, that's a pretty big deal. and yes, I know this isn't your typical info sec story but you all loved my interview with Dave last year so I figured you'd all want to hear about this anyway\u2026

I started off by asking Olivia how the regime seeks to control information flowing into North Korea\u2026

**************EDITOR'S NOTE: This post originally referred to Olivia Maree as a lawyer. While she has a law degree, Olivia has never worked as a lawyer or completed articles. Apologies for any confusion. The audio introduction to this interview is still incorrect and will not be updated. - PG