PRESENTATION: AusCERT opening keynote with Google's Michael Jones

A call to action for infosec pros…
23 May 2013 » Risky Business Extra, AusCERT

We're kicking off our AusCERT 2013 coverage today with the conference's opening keynote by Michael Jones, Google's chief technology advocate. He's charged with advancing technology to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Michael has worked as chief technologist of Google Maps, Earth, was the CTO of Keyhole Corporation, the company that developed the technology behind Google Earth and was also CEO of Intrinsic Graphics, and was director of advanced graphics at Silicon Graphics.

His presentation was called Security's Biggest Risk, and it basically boils down to the dumb stuff bringing us unstuck. It's a very high level talk that definitely has its moments, and I hope you enjoy it. Here he is.