Risky Business #633 -- President grandpa rattles sabre at cloud

PLUS: UK, Australia and USA release depressing list of most commonly exploited bugs...
04 Aug 2021 » Risky Business

On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss recent security news, including:

  • US President Joe Biden says next shooting war will result from cyber incident
  • The Sun tabloid reports UK government weighing “cyber strike” against Iran
  • Australia, UK and USA release list of most commonly used CVEs
  • NSA drops Kubernetes security guide
  • Much, much more!

This week’s show is brought to you by Cmd Security. It makes what can best be described as a security agent for Linux. It can handle everything from user action restriction to IDR functionality, and Cmd’s co-founder Jake King will be along in this week’s sponsor slot to talk about what he’s seeing out there in Linux land. Jake says there’s a big cloud modernisation push happening right now as people re-architect their “legacy cloud” infrastructure into more modern setups.

Links to everything that we discussed are below and you can follow Patrick or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

Show notes

Biden says 'shooting war' could break out with foreign heavyweights over cyberattacks
Angry Boris Johnson warns Iran of 'consequences' for killing Brit at sea in drone strike
Cyber-attack disrupts Iran's national railway system - The Record by Recorded Future
Biden issues memo to push critical infrastructure cybersecurity upgrades
US, UK, Australia issue joint advisory on today's top exploited vulnerabilities - The Record by Recorded Future
Evidence suggests Russia's SVR is still using 'WellMess' malware, despite US warnings
NSA, CISA publish Kubernetes hardening guide - The Record by Recorded Future
Meet Paragon: An American-Funded, Super-Secretive Israeli Surveillance Startup That ‘Hacks WhatsApp And Signal’
Israeli government raids NSO Group offices - The Record by Recorded Future
NSO Group Blocks Some Governments From Using Its Spyware Over Misuse Claims : NPR
LINE accounts for more than 100 Taiwanese politicians were hacked - The Record by Recorded Future
Spyware features found in Chinese state benefits app - The Record by Recorded Future
Five Southeast Asian telcos hacked by three different Chinese espionage groups - The Record by Recorded Future
DOJ says SolarWinds hack impacted 27 US attorneys' offices - The Record by Recorded Future
Srsly Risky Biz: Thursday, July 29 - by Tom Uren - Seriously Risky Business
Italian vaccination registration system down in apparent ransomware attack
A Silicon Valley VC firm with $1.8B in assets was hit by ransomware | TechCrunch
An interview with BlackMatter: A new ransomware group that's learning from the mistakes of DarkSide and REvil - The Record by Recorded Future
Hackers leak full EA data after failed extortion attempt - The Record by Recorded Future
FTC's right-to-repair ruling is a small step for security researchers, giant leap for DIY hackers
Trusted platform module security defeated in 30 minutes, no soldering required | Ars Technica
PwnedPiper vulnerabilities impact 80% of major hospitals in North America - The Record by Recorded Future
Python packages caught attempting to steal Discord tokens, credit card numbers - The Record by Recorded Future
Python team fixes bug that allowed takeover of PyPI repository - The Record by Recorded Future
How I Found A Vulnerability To Hack iCloud Accounts and How Apple Reacted To It - The Zero Hack