Risky Business #475 -- Matt Tait: US gov needs to put up or shut up on Kaspersky claims

It's time for the US government to just come out and say it...
25 Oct 2017 » Risky Business

On this week’s show we’re catching up with Matt Tait. Matt’s better known as @pwnallthethings on Twitter. He’s joining us this week to talk about the claims various sources have made against Kaspersky. I say sources because up to this point the only thing we’ve seen is various officials saying people shouldn’t use it. There’s been no official statement from the government or the intelligence community that actually says “don’t use it”.

And the situation is getting ridiculous. It’s as clear as mud right now, basically, so Matt will be along later to argue the US government really just needs to back the claims in an official way if they’re to be taken seriously.

This week’s show is brought to you by Cylance. This week we’re chatting to Chris Coulter, a seasoned IR professional who’s recently moved from the services arm of Cylance to the product side. We’ll be talking to Chris about IR and where EDR software is going. That one is really worth listening to. It’s easy to look at Cylance today and just see another antivirus company. People have forgotten that they basically shook up the biggest market in infosec and I think they have a solid chance of doing the same thing with a few of their upcoming releases in the EDR and UBA space. So yeah, check out that sponsor interview with Chris Coulter, coming up towards the back of the show!

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