Risky Business #450 -- From Mirai to mushroom clouds in five easy steps

Josh Corman walks us through the horror of the cyber 9/12 student challenge...
05 Apr 2017 » Risky Business

This week’s show is a fun one! We’ll be chatting with Josh Corman, the Atlantic Council’s Director of Cyber Statecraft. We’ll be speaking with him about an exercise he did recently with a whole bunch of students. Basically the whole thing was a simulation where students walked through various scenarios and had to respond. Unfortunately, Josh discovered that most students had a predisposition to escalating things unnecessarily. From Mirai to mushroom clouds, that’s this week’s feature interview.

This week’s sponsor interview is also an absolute corker. Rapid7 is this week’s sponsor. In addition to making enterprise security software and running a pentest practice, Rapid7 also spends a considerable amount of time and money on developing Metasploit.

Rapid7 research director Tod Beardsley and director of transportation security Craig Smith join the show this week to talk about some recent changes to Metasploit that I’m amazed haven’t made a bigger splash. You can now run Metasploit against a CAN bus and they’ve built an RF module as well. That is absolutely awesome stuff, coming up in this week’s sponsor interview, with special thanks to Rapid7!

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us to talk about the week’s security news.

Links to items discussed in this week’s show have moved – they’re now included in this post, below.

Oh, and do add Patrick, or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

Show notes

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