Risky Biz Soap Box: Senrio tackles IoT problem for CISOs, developers

Industry legend Stephen Ridley's tech is here, and it's pretty sweet...
31 Mar 2017 » Risky Business

Soap Box is back! This time we’re chatting with Stephen Ridley and Jamison Utter about the tech Stephen has launched: Senrio Insight and Senrio Trace!

This is a fully sponsored blabfest about IoT security. Specifically, we drill into two different problems Senrio is trying to solve. The first is how the hell you deal with monitoring IoT on your network, especially when you can’t do DPI because of HIPAA. If you’re a CISO from a hospital, you will be very interested in this part of the podcast.

Then we talk about IoT security approaches for developers. Not only has Senrio developed a boring old network sensor to remedy the dumb but profitable-to-solve problem, they’ve also created a developer toolkit for manufacturers of IoT devices who need to be able to monitor them in the field.

Stephen Ridley is a bona fide expert on IoT. So much so, he used to actually train NSA staff on hacking IoT devices. Personally I think when you’re training NSA on how to own stuff, that makes you a genuine expert.

Jamison Utter, Senrio’s VP of Field Operations, also joins us for this podcast. I hope you enjoy it!

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