Risky Business #414 - Trading on OSINT for fun and profit

Nik Cubrilovic, Marco Slaviero join the show...
03 Jun 2016 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're chatting with Australian security researcher Nik Cubrilovic. He's been doing some fascinating research into using OSINT techniques to obtain market-sensitive information. It's OSINT for fun and profit! That's this week's feature.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat with Marco Slaviero, lead researcher from Thinkst Applied Research. Thinkst is, of course, the company behind Canary.tools, and Marco is along this week to talk about some free services and tools Thinkst has developed. You may have heard Haroon Meer talking about honey tokens on a previous episode. Well, the team at Thinkst have created some new honeytokens that use Microsoft's cryptoAPI to do all sorts of really funky stuff.

Adam Boileau, as always, stops by to discuss the week's news headlines.

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Show notes

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12 more banks now being investigated over Bangladeshi SWIFT heist | Ars Technica
Cluster of 'megabreaches' compromises a whopping 642 million passwords | Ars Technica
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Eric Holder now says Edward Snowden performed 'public service' | CNNPolitics.com
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