Risky Business #413 -- Matthew Green: The case against backdoors

PLUS Bromium CTO Simon Crosby...
27 May 2016 » Risky Business

In this week’s feature slot we’re joined by cryptographer Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University. He’ll be arguing against the subversion of encryption technologies this week. Consider it a counterpoint to last week’s discussion with Stewart A Baker, former NSA general counsel. This week we get the other side of the argument! This week’s sponsor interview is also a cracker. We’re chatting with Bromium’s co-founder and CTO Simon Crosby. He’s been spending a fair bit of time lately trolling rival CTOs on Twitter, which has been somewhat hilarious to watch.

We talk to him about that, and how that attitude actually informs Bromium’s strategy. We also talk about the work Bromium has been working with Microsoft to introduce microvirtualisation into Windows where it can be useful to the masses.

We chat about all of that in this week’s sponsor interview with Bromium CTO and co-founder, Simon Crosby.

Adam Boileau, as always, stops by to discuss the week’s news headlines.

Oh, and do add Patrick and Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

Show notes

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It doesn't surprise me that @swiftcommunity is circling the wagons, really... Interview denied. https://t.co/gveJfSWHND - @riskybusiness
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Lancaster Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking Apple And Google E-Mail Accounts Belonging To More Than 100 People, Mostly Celebrities | USAO-MDPA | Department of Justice
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