Risky Business #220 -- All your Macs are belong to Snare

Rootkitting OS X, fun with EFI bootloaders and more...
17 Nov 2011 » Risky Business

On this week's podcast we take a look at doing some fairly unnatural things to the OS X operating system. We'll hear how to best rootkit OS X and also how messing with EFI bootloaders can be a whole bunch of fun in terms of installing persistent rootkits in PCI firmware.

That's this week's feature interview, with our buddy Loukas from Assurance.com.au.

Also this week we're joined by Tenable Network Security's product manager Jack Daniel in the sponsor interview. He'll be chatting to us all about Dan Geer's new cybersecurity research agenda.

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us to chat about the week's news.