Risky Business #219 -- NFC puts chip readers everywhere

Pass-through attacks look promising...
11 Nov 2011 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're talking Near Field Communications (NFC) with New Zealand's Nick von Dadelszen.

NFC is set to become the next big thing for micropayments, alas it looks likely there's potential to conduct all sorts of mischief using NFC-equipped mobile phones like Google's Nexus S.

NFC equipped phones are RFID readers, and Nick reckons we're about six months away from being able to use them as card emulators as well. Let the fun begin!

Also this week, RSA Australia's Mason Hooper joins us to discuss Apple's decision to expel vulnerability researcher Charlie Miller from its developer program. Miller had snuck a dodgy app into the company's official appstore that was capable of running unsigned arbitrary code. Nice trick. Apple unimpressed. But did they overreact? That's this week's sponsor interview.

Adam Boileau, of course, is this week's news guest.