Risky Business #214 -- Special guest Kevin Mitnick

PLUS Adam Boileau rejoins the show in this week's news segment...
07 Oct 2011 » Risky Business

This week's feature guest is Kevin Mitnick! Possibly one of the world's best known computer hackers, Kevin has been the subject of several books and even a B-Grade movie. He spent years on the run evading capture by the FBI, eventually winding up in prison for something like five years.

Since his release in January 2000 he's become a successful public speaker, security consultant and author. His latest work, however, is his most well received. Kevin, with writer William L. Simon, has finally written an autobiography, and from nowhere it's become a New York Times bestseller.

I've read it, it's heaps of fun... Kevin will be popping in later in the show to tell us why he's written his biography now... and I get to quiz him on some stuff that's not actually in the book. Hope you'll stick around for that.

This week's show is brought to you by RSA Security so in this week's sponsor interview we chat with Mason Hooper about RSA's investigation into a particularly badass Zeus variant. They actually managed to seize around 200Gb of filtered financial information out of its C&C. That's a fair bit of dataz!

Also, Adam Boileau is back from Europe and rejoins the show to discuss the week's news headlines!

*****WARNING... we use the sh** word a lot in this episode. I have no idea why.