Risky Business #213 -- BEAST slayed, doxing galore

You know things are getting crazy when Microsoft is dropping dox...
30 Sep 2011 » Risky Business

There's no feature interview in this week's show, instead we're focussing on news instead!

And what a week it's been.

Browser makers have slayed the SSL BEAST attacks, Goldman Sachs' CEO got dox'd, as did Sgt. Douchebag of the NYPD. You know the one... he's the guy who maced a bunch of peaceful protestors in the face.

Microsoft even got in on the action and dox'd the operator of the Kelihos botnet!

Meanwhile if you're a Cisco admin you're likely having a tough week, as are the folks at Diebold, who apparently STILL can't make secure e-voting machines.

Also this week, Tenable Network CEO Ron Gula joined us to talk about log analysis. Sounds dry, but it's not. This week's show is, of course, sponsored by Tenable!