Risky Business #204 -- The Empire Strikes Back

Authorities scoop up Topiary, "Evil"...
28 Jul 2011 » Risky Business

This week we're chatting with Detective Superintendent Brad Marden of the Australian Federal Police. While the FBI are out locking up Low Orbit Ion Cannon users on no-bail warrants, Mr. Marden and his team, apparently, are out doing real, actual police work to catch real, alleged criminals. How refreshing!

Listeners to this program would have heard of the case of Distribute.IT -- an Australian domain name registrar and hosting company that got majorly worked by a hacker calling himself "Evil from efnet".

After entry, the attacker rm -rf'd the entire company and basically destroyed the business. What remained of the company's assets were sold at presumably fire-sale prices to NetRegistry, another Australian company.

Well, earlier this week the AFP arrested an unemployed truck driver as a result of its investigation into the distribute.it matter. The suspect, 25-year-old David Cecil, has been charged with 49 offences relating a breach at a company called Platform Networks, but police have hinted that further charges are to come.

Marden joins the program to discuss the arrest.

Adam Boileau drops in to discuss the week's news, including the arrest of alleged LulzSec member Topiary in Scotland.