Risky Business #203 -- LulzSec: They're baaaaaaaack

LulzSec makes a spectacular return. PLUS Silvio Cesare talks academia.
22 Jul 2011 » Risky Business

In this week's feature interview we're chatting with Silvio Cesare.

Silvio's an extremely well regarded infosec guy down here in Oz. He'll be chatting to us about his experience in academia. Silvio argues much criticism of academia in industry largely misses the point, and academia actually serves infosec quite well. Cryptography anyone?

This was also the week that saw LulzSec make a spectacular return to the public eye. It was also the week the FBI rounded up around 16 "cyber criminals". Well, actually it was more like 14 LOIC users and a couple of scripty-tardos. More on that in the news.

In this week's sponsor interview we catch up with RSA's CSO Eddie Schwartz to chat about everything from crappy marketing to problems with mobile device-based 2FA. It's good stuff.

Adam Boileau, of course, takes a break from grooming his spectacular, manly beard to discuss the week's news headlines.