Risky Business #201 -- BitCoin, the crypto currency

It's all very cypherpunk, innit?
08 Jul 2011 » Risky Business

This week's edition of the show is brought to you by Tenable Network Security, thanks guys.

In this episode we're taking an in depth look at BitCoins. Most listeners would have heard of the fledgling online currency by now, but there are a number of things that make BitCoins extremely interesting. It's the world's first popular virtual, cryptographically supported commodity, and once you wrap your head around it, it's very cool stuff, regardless of whether or not you think it has a future.

I'll be joined by regular guest Paul Ducklin to talk about BitCoin, after the news.

In this week's sponsor interview we're joined by Tenable Network Security's Brian "Jericho" Martin. He's stopping by to discuss the trojaning of vsftpd. Some wise-ass modified the source so using a username against vsftpd that contains a smilie spawns a shell on 6200. Subtle.

Brian chats about that and his work with Attrition.org, tracking Sony's woes. The Sownage! That's all coming up after this week's feature interview. Before all of that we check the week's news with our very own beardy guy Adam Boileau!