Risky Business #202 -- Sonyland, where hamburgers eat people

Did you hear the one about Sony's CAPTCHA?
15 Jul 2011 » Risky Business

This week's show is all about the news -- a 30 minute dose of Metl!

With Anons being arrested, parties unknown pwning defence contractors in the name of #antisec, Sony doing (even more) dumb stuff, Zeus-grade viruses smashing Android devices, India trying to wiretap Skype, support for XP running out in less than three years, Microsoft Security Centre dishing out porn and Morgan Stanley losing customer info on unencrypted disks, we just didn't have time for a feature interview this week!

In this week's sponsor interview Astaro founder Markus Hennig joins us to discuss Sony's curious statement that its brand is recovering from all the negative press surrounding its security woes. Are they dreaming?