RB2: SPONSOR PODCAST: Big security vendors jump into PCLM?

All your patchings are belong to big vendors...
04 Mar 2010 » Risky Business Extra

This is a sponsored podcast. Symantec sponsors the RB2 podcast so once a month we get one of their staff on the line to talk about industry trends, malware... whatever, really!

And today we're speaking with Vincent Weafer, Symantec's director of security response. Regular listeners of Risky.Biz podcasts would have heard me tonking on a LOT about patch management lately, and in particular the moves by large security vendors like McAfee, Trend and Symantec into that space.

McAfee and Trend have licensed technology from BigFix and Symantec is integrating technology from its Altiris acquisition into its endpoint security products.

It's an interesting trend, and one that I personally think will have some meaningful implications for enterprise security. For one, patch management will all of a sudden be a capability of security teams, not just desktop teams.

So I thought I'd talk about this with Vincent, who sheds light on the trend from a vendor perspective. As you'll hear, I also talked malware with Vincent -- everything from the Zues botnet to the media's favourite Aurora. Enjoy!