Risky Business #187 -- RSA gets popped, disinformation in the Middle East

Plus much, much more...
18 Mar 2011 » Risky Business

It's episode 187, the homicide edition, and RSA conveniently falls victim to a drive by. Thanks guys!

This week's show is a ripper. We've got two feature guests -- Kimberly Zenz of iDefense and Paul Ducklin of Sophos.

We talk about everything from recent disinformation and social media manipulation campaigns in the Middle East and Belarus, the breach of RSA by parties unknown wielding those mysterious "APTs". Allegedly.

Duck and I also have a chat about Privacy International proclamation that Skype is a threat to the security and privacy of activists and dissidents. We don't know what they've been smoking over there at Privacy International, but I bet you it's some good stuff -- the criticisms levelled against Skype are, largely, baseless. Allegedly.

Adam Boileau joins us, as always, to discuss the week's news headlines.