Risky Business #168 -- McAfee CEO and CTO talk Intel acquisition, integration

Dave DeWalt and George Kurtz discuss proposed $7.68b acquisition...
17 Sep 2010 » Risky Business

This week you'll hear from McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt and CTO George Kurtz. Since the planned merger between Intel and McAfee, a lot of people have questioned the deal's logic. DeWalt and Kurtz front Risky Business to defend the acquisition and outline what it could mean for the security technology of the future.

Microsoft has signed back on as a sponsor for the remainder of the year, and Microsoft Australia's Stuart Strathdee makes his return to the sponsor slot this week to tell us about IE9, which sounds suspiciously like IE8 in a pretty frock... or more accurately like IE8 in a bikini.

Adam Boileau joins us as usual to discuss the week's news.