Risky Business #167 -- Kuza talks about Flash and Air apps

Are Flash and Air apps the mess you'd expect them to be?
10 Sep 2010 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're taking a look at Flash applications. With tonnes of thick client apps being replaced with apps built on Flash, we thought we'd have a chat to Azimuth Security's Alex Kouzemtchenko about what some of the pitfalls in developing Flash apps are.

This week's edition of the show is brought to you by Symantec, and we're stoked to have that company's CTO, Marc Bregman, on the show for this week's sponsor interview. He's an interesting guy and he's got a lot to say, not surprisingly, about where we're all headed as an industry in light of the McAfee Intel deal.

Adam Boileau, as usual, drops in to discuss the week's news.