Risky Business #139 -- Moore bugs for moar software

Brett Moore joins Risky Business for a chat...
11 Feb 2010 » Risky Business

On this week's show we'll be checking the news with Adam Boileau, as we always do, then we're going to have a chat with Brett Moore of Insomnia Security.

A bug Brett found featured in the most recent patch Tuesday release, so we thought we'd get him on the line and get the latest scuttlebut from the world of vulnerability research. Where are the new bugs popping up? What are the trends? What can we expect?

That's after the news.

We stick with the vulnerabilities theme in this week's sponsor interview with Fred Borjesson of Check Point Software here in Australia. We're speaking to Fred about software vendors' rather annoying habit of sitting on bugs.

That IE6 bug that popped every man and his dog over the southern summer had been reported to Microsoft a long time before those attacks -- should we be angry that it took that long? Or would the attackers just found another bug Microsoft didn't know about for their attacks?