Risky Business #138 -- Dan Geer on the future of computing

iPad ahoy! General purpose computers are on the way out, says security industry legend...
03 Feb 2010 » Risky Business

Risky Business is back for 2010!

On this week's program we chat with information security legend Dan Geer.\t

Dan's the Chief Information Security Officer for In-Q-Tel, which is, in essence, the technology investment arm of the CIA. He's not appearing in Risky Business is his capacity as an In-Q-Tel employee, however, he joins us as a veteran of the information security industry.

Dan helped create Kerberos during his tie with project Athena at MIT and was the chief technology officer at @Stake for a time.

He's joining us to discuss his prediction of a decline in the popularity of general-purpose computers and the rise of tightly controlled devices like Apple's iPad.

Later on we'll be joined by another veteran, Ron Gula, the chief executive of Tenable Network Security, our sponsor. Ron's popping in to have a bit of a chat about the great big hairy attack on Google.

First, as always, we'll cover the news headlines with our regular guest Adam Boileau.