Feature podcast: Inside BellTrox's hacker-for-hire operation

Citizen Lab's John Scott-Railton joins the show...
19 Jun 2020 » Risky Business

This podcast is brought to you by the Cyber Initiative at the Hewlett Foundation. They gave us a grant so we can do these podcast interviews that have relevance to cyber policy, so big thanks to the Cyber Initiative at the Hewlett Foundation for funding this work.

Today we’re chatting with Citizen Lab Senior Researcher John Scott-Railton about the work they did investigating the Indian hacker-for-hire firm BellTrox.

For those of you who didn’t catch the news, The Citizen Lab, which operates out of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, dropped a huge report a couple of weeks back that lays Belltrox’s operations bare. As you’ll hear this company attempted to hack tens of thousands of email accounts belonging to everyone from government officials to hedge fund managers and activists.