PRESENTATION: Scott McIntyre on the security "generation gap"

Scott's always good for a laugh!
18 May 2011 » Risky Business Extra, AusCERT

You're about to hear a full presentation recorded at the AusCERT conference. Scott McIntyre is a recent immigrant to Australia... he used to work for XS4all in the Netherlands, but these days he works as the Senior Technology Architecture Specialist in Security Operations for Telstra in Melbourne. His presentation is all about his views though, not those of Telstra. Disclaimer. Etc.

His talk focuses on what he calls the IT Security Generation Gap. Too often are today's security policies written and enforced by people who don't "get" social media, the public Internet, iPads and BitTorrent. But at the same time, anyone with an infrastructure to secure needs workable procedures and tooling to protect their data and systems. His talk covers common failings in this generation gap and provides guiding principles to close the gap and reduce exposure.