New book claims to expose direct LulzSec-Wikileaks ties

Forbes journalist book alleges close relationship between Assange and FBI snitch...

If people are wondering why on Earth Wikileaks' chief Julian Assange is apparently being pursued by the US Department of Justice, a new book by Forbes' London Bureau chief Parmy Olson might help to clear things up for you.

Assange likes to proclaim that the DoJ investigation is a case of the big bad gummint being out to persecute him for being a truth-teller, but if Olson's book (Amazon) is to be believed it looks like he's been a very naughty boy.

This excerpt [pdf] from the book, published by the pre-Wikileaks leak site Cryptome, describes verified IRC contact between LulzSec ringleader turned FBI snitch Sabu and Assange in which the latter apparently urged the digital outlaws to attack specific targets in Iceland.

Bad activist! No biscuit!

All this under the watchful eye of the FBI's inside man.

This is speculation, but if any of Wikileaks staff were "directing" LulzSec's illegal activities, particularly the exfiltration of stolen information from any of the group's victims -- like Stratfor, for example -- it's my guess the entire organisation is legally fux0red. IANAL, but read the excerpt and tell me if you arrive at the same hunch as me.

Encouraging an FBI snitch to attack systems in Iceland on your behalf when the heat is already on is remarkably daft.

I'll be interviewing Parmy about her book next week.