Risky Biz Soap Box: Bugcrowd CTO Casey Ellis on bounty innovation, PII norms and defensive bounties

If you're at all interested in bug bounties and crowdsourced security, listen to this...
22 Feb 2018 » Risky Business

This edition of Soap Box is brought to you by Bugcrowd. So the next 40 minutes or so is a conversation between Bugcrowd CTO and founder Casey Ellis and I.

As most of you would know, Bugcrowd runs outsourced bug bounty programs for a wide variety of organisations, from Silicon Valley megabrands to financial services to development-heavy SMEs, Bugcrowd is there.

And what a time it is for the bug bounty business. There’s a lot of attention on the bug bounty concept at the moment – we even saw a senate subcommittee hearing on them take place earlier this month. It’s a competitive sector, too.

In this podcast Casey tells us about a few things, like what Bugcrowd is doing to try to add some innovation to bug bounty programs. As you’ll hear, he’s actually got some really great ideas. I came into this as a bit of a sceptic, as in, how can you innovate around something as simple as a bug bounty program? It turns out you can. We also try to make the case that bug bounties are an established part of infosec now; a boring part of the mix.

So we cover off some interesting stuff Bugcrowd is doing, then we talk about how the bug bounty provides types might be able to actually engage their crowds in defensive work.