Risky Biz Soap Box: Why AI shouldn't really change your security controls

Material Security CEO Abhishek Agrawal on how the more things change, the more they stay the same...
28 Jun 2024 » Risky Business

This is a sponsored Soap Box edition of the Risky Business podcast.

Abhishek Agrawal is the CEO and co-founder of Material Security, an email security company that locks down cloud email archives. Attackers have been raiding mailspools since hacking has existed, and with those mailspools now in the cloud with services like o365 and Google Workspace, guess where the attackers are going?

Material built a product that helps you lock up your email data, to archive and redact sensitive information. The idea is to really just limit what an attacker can do with email data if they pop an account.

Abhishek joined me to talk about a few things, like how non phishing resistant MFA is basically dead, how email content is very useful to security programs, and about how the gen AI won’t really change much on the defensive control side.