Risky Biz Soap Box: Bromium on custom microvirtualization for legacy apps

Run your legacy crapware, sleep at night!
11 Dec 2017 » Risky Business

Today’s Soap Box is brought to you by Bromium.

Bromium makes a security suite that wraps key applications in microvisors. It’s a way to get app-specific, hardware-based virtualisation.

Historically Bromium has wrapped things like browsers and the office suite into these microvisors. Bromium has also found a lot of success in selling to organisations that have to run out-of-date browsers and Java. Wrapping an old browser in Bromium actually does make it safe to use.

Well, now they’ve gone a step further. They’ve launched secure app extensions, which is where they custom-wrap your application, or an application you use, into a microvisor. So if you’re using some awful, old, insecure enterprise app and it’s keeping you awake at night, this might be a solution for you if you can’t rip and replace.

Have a listen!