Risky Biz Soap Box: Rolling your own threat intelligence with Steve Miller

Threat intelligence should be something you do, not something you blindly consume...
14 Jan 2022 » Risky Business

In this edition of the soap box we’re chatting with Steve Miller, a senior researcher at Stairwell. Steve has a long history doing this sort of stuff. He worked inside various bits of the US government doing cyber things, and also spent a decent chunk of his career at Mandiant.

His new employer, Stairwell, makes a platform that collects information about all files present in your environment and let’s you do some fancy stuff with that information. You’ll hear a little bit more about what they do in this interview, but we’re not really talking that much about Stairwell in this interview. It’s more about the evolution of threat intel.

As you’ll hear, Steve said the first iteration of the commercial threat intel space was very much born of govvies jumping out and bringing their thinking with them, but the space is evolving. The take away from this interview is that threat intelligence is more something that you do, not something you just blindly consume.